RAF Kinloss

RAF Kinloss families day august 2010

Hello and thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read my ramblings.  I have been hunting through many of my pictures and have come to the conclusion that many of the events will never happen again.

I was invited to the RAF Kinloss families day in august last year and never realised just how many pictures I had taken.  Thanks to Terry Smith, I got the chance to fly a Nimrod MRA4 (or at least in a simulator) so the photos you see of the inside are not from the real aircraft.

It was a fantastic day with some great hosts and getting close up to XV244 and a VC10 made my day.

As always I will let the photos do the talking, hope you like them.

I will be posting more pictures as and when I have a moment.

Till next time

Neil 🙂


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