>12th April Update

>Dear All

I apologise for not being in touch sooner, however, I have been away for nearly ten days and have had limited web access. First of all thank you for your offer of support in this venture.

Tough UK economic trading conditions has meant difficulty in obtaining funds so far but that does not mean work does not go on. At the moment I am waiting for the CAA to come back to me to discuss the least painless and expensive way to classify this potential visit.

It may be the only way to achieve this is for the initial landing to be at Kirkwall Airport. The airport manager has intimated a public viewing may be possible outside opening hours which would solve a huge problem. From Kirkwall Airport a tribute flypast or landing could be achieved at Skea Brae. The biggest problem is the relatively short timescale involved.

A Civil Engineer from Airport Infrastructure Services has offered to advise on the necessary steps to achieve the landing at Skea Brae and this will ultimately decide the final methodology.

In the meantime, I intend to visit the Chairman of the Royal British Legion and RAFA to ask for their support. I have spoken to the Royal Engineers to see if they can assist, however, they confirmed today that the cost of taking plant to Orkney is prohibitive, again due to budget cuts, and cannot help on this occasion. I also hope to speak to the heritage department of the OIC after work tomorrow to see if they are willing to get involved.

If you have any suggestions of potential funders, they would be gratefully received. Once we get closer to the target, I would hope we could all meet to discuss things in detail.

Thank you for your interest and if you want to chat, my home number is (01856)878626 or personal mobile 07799533805.

Best wishes



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