>17th May update

>Hello all

What a difference a few days make. While driving south last Thursday, I got a phone call from Eddie Ratter telling me he had raised a further £700. I had a quick chat with Derek in Edinburgh and he informed me that Leslie Alexander had raised a further £500. This together with an offer of £200 from Charlie Kemp changed the ball game considerably.

We now have arranged another surprise. A Pitts Special Aerobatic aircraft has been added to the display and all things going well we will have an SE5 in RAF colours from WW1.

We will also potentially have a special guest. The daughter of a pilot who was based at Twatt, Skea Brae, HMS Robin and Sparrowhawk. I won’t say too much but the history is fascinating.

Just to remind you, please drop your pledge for the Spitfire to me at Kirkwall Airport. Cheques should be made payable to A Hodgson. I will receipt by e-mail if required.

Will confirm venue and time shortly

Best wishes



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