Just a couple of pics this week

The end of another week with a forecast of good weather for the weekend so here’s hoping.   It’s been a busy week so not had a lot of time to take pictures but have had notification of a number of Long Ezees arriving in mid July so will keep you posted.

The first aircraft is A Citation Bravo, G-IDAB.  Slightly different than the previous Citation as the cockpit was glass.  This particular Citation is part of the Air Charter Scotland fleet.

And the inside

And finally a visit from an old friend G-WIFE piloted by Andrew Brown who is a regular visitor to the island and a fellow aviation enthusiast.  Andrew was a major part of the Spitfire event last year.  Lovely to see peedie Rosie again and a pleasure to meet Keith Gray on time off from RAF Kinloss.

Here they are just on final approach on runway 32

That’s it for now, till next time




2 thoughts on “Just a couple of pics this week

    • Hi Tommy

      Thanks for visiting and for sending me the pics from the old blog, if we can find a way to import that would be fantastic. I would love to see jumpseats blog again.

      All the best


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