Happy birthday Mighty Tri-Pacer

A couple of unusual aircraft this week and a first for me in the shape of G-APXU, a PA22 which was 60 years old on friday.

This aircraft is the only one of its type in Scotland and one of about 10 still flying.  It was the first evolution model from tail dragger to tricycle and the last of the models with the wings above the cockpit.




And the inside


Thanks to the owner and co for the guided tour.

We also had a visit from G-KSFR, a CL30 operated by London Executive Aviation.  I never got a chance to look at the inside sadly but at least the sun came out for a minute for me to take some pics.



The poor weather on friday brought a few extra aircraft in and I snapped this one in between the fog, G-CERZ which is obviously a Saab 2000



As you can see it is much bigger than the Saab 340’s we are used to.

Finally, I got a chance to catch up with the Watchdog crew on Friday morning.  I met Dave and Will who are regular visitors and was pleased to meet Jake Thackeray who is now with Directflight and was previously based at RAF Kinloss on Nimrod duty.

That’s it for now, have a nice weekend if you see the sun and as always, thanks for reading

Neil 😉


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