4 weeks until the nights start drawing in!

But at least we have a few new visitors when it’s sunny.  WE had our first visit from Tango Bravo which was in doing pilot training.  Pretty strange without windows but this aircraft is used for cargo.


G_ELUN was in for a short visit.  IT is a Robin DR400 and in my opinion is one of the prettiest small aircraft to visit us.


And the inside!


G-FJET passed through for a short time.  Cessna Citation Jets are a regular feature at Kirkwall now and Citations in their various guises seem to be the main choice for private operators.


Kirkwall also seems to be a popular choice for crew changes and we get regular visits from Jetstream 41’s, in this case G-MAJK operated by Eastern.


On Friday, I heard an S92 from the terminal and had a look through the windows to see which one it was.  I saw the letters NHS written on the side and thought it was just a duel role helicopter for the National Health Service 🙂  In actual fact it was a norwegian helicopter in for refuel operated by Norsk Helikopter Service.


Shortly after I was aware that there were strange sounding engines buzzing about and went out to look.  This pretty 1958 Piper Apache was doing a practice approach and popped in to say hello.


And the inside!  Note the updated glass dash.  Not bad for an old girl!


And finally we had a visit from another Citation, in this case, an Excel, which is here for a few days and you will see it parked at the end of the disused runway near the main road.


That’s it for just now, I will try and post regularly as and when something new comes into Kirkwall.  I am in the process of setting up a new bulletin board which will allow visitors of this blog to upload their pictures.  I am regularly asked for details of visitors and at http://orkneyaviation.createaforum.com hopefully we will build up a database of pictures and have a place for all enthusiasts to chat about all things Kirkwall and elsewhere.  Hope to see you there.

As always, thanks for taking the time to visit

All the best

Neil 😉


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