Never in the field of human conflict…………………….

I thought I would add my bit to honour the few as I have collected many pictures of my own, however, they pale into insignificance compared to the images I am about to post. Some will have seen them before but they have never been posted on this blog.

These pictures are courtesy of French aviation photographer Jean Marie Urlacher who yo may have seen an article on in the Orcadian a few weeks ago, flying from Paris in an open top beetle powered kit aircraft.

He is a regular visitor to Orkney and an outstanding photographer, please enjoy them as much as I have.  This is the Spitfire we took to Orkney in 2010 to honour the few on the 70th anniversary,

First of all, let me introduce Jean Marie


And the star of the event

Spit1_Urlacher Spit2_Urlacher Spit3_Urlacher Spit4-Urlacher Spit5_Urlacher Spit6_Urlacher Spit7_Urlacher Spit8_Urlacher Spit9_Urlacher Spit10_Urlacher

An outstanding event and great memories.

Thanks for reading

All the best

Neil 😉


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