Ain’t she a beauty

The day is almost upon us and the second Orkney Aviation Festival is upon us.  G-AHAG, the beautiful Dragon Rapide arrived last night after a long journey north and was put to sleep in a cosy hangar thanks to Vic Murphy and his staff from Loganair.

Hopefully I will post some of the best pictures here over the next few days and thank you to the Scillonia Staff for allowing me access to the aircraft.  The weather was a little dreich yesterday but it was a bit brighter today so hope the photos are a little better.

Remember to keep checking here for photos, Kirkwall Airports Facebook page for the latest updates and of course my Orkney Aviation Facebook page where I will share any and all of your pictures for everyone else to enjoy.

Let the fun begin 🙂

IMGP3506 IMGP3511





The small aircraft pictures are the support aircraft which arrived at the same time namely a Jodel and a Piper Super Cub.  I can’t finish any post without the immortal words “and the inside” so here is the cockpit for those that are interested


Thanks for taking the time to read and enjoy the festival.

All the best

Neil 😉


3 thoughts on “Ain’t she a beauty

  1. The dragon is a cool plane for sure, never seen one flying and unfortunately won’t be able to make it home for the festival 😦
    I believe they have one in a museum in Sault Ste. Marie Canada, I haven’t made it across there yet but I have seen some of the sea plane from across the st James River. We are planning on taking a drive up to The Soo next year along with a trip to Oshkosh Wisconsin For the huge air show they have. If you haven’t been Neil I think you would enjoy that air show.

    Thanks for sharing as always great pics

      • I live about 60 miles from Oshkosh on the other side of Lake Michigan, was hoping to maybe see a few planes fly over on there way over. I did hear what sounded like an older engine prop plane fly over the house but by the time I got outside it was gone, I tried looking for it on flightradar24 but nothing was marked, however I did track a p51 flying laps of the airfield in Oshkosh. The day before the show. It pretty cool how they have the colored spots on the runways so multiplayer aircraft can land at the same time.
        You’ll just have to save your pennies Neil and come over a look we will hook you up with a place to stay.

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