Happy birthday Loganair inter island service

Today saw the 50th anniversary of the inter island air service where the first flight of the day to Sanday was exactly 50 years to the day of the first inter island flight to Sanday in 1967.

The Golden Islander appeared just after nine to take representatives of Loganair and OIC to all six of the North Isles airfields and it was a pleasure to meet William Hynett again who owns Britten Norman who manufacture the Islander Aircraft.

Once both aircraft were back in, the pipes were ably played by Davie Miller who was the Senior Pilot for the inter island service until he retired from the duty and was replaced by Captain Colin McAllister who flew the aircraft this morning with local born pilot Captain Duncan Peace.

Speeches followed by Jonathan Hinkles, Managing Director of Loganair, Harvey Johnston, OIC Convenor and Scott Grier OBE who is President of Loganair and became Managing director of Loganair in 1983 and later bought the Company.

A presentation was made to Bryan Sutherland who recently retired after 50 years service and a plaque was ubveiled by Scott and Jonathan comemorating 50 years sevice to the islands.

This was followed by a fantastic buffet organised by the Airport and provided by Deb’s Cafe where visitors, VIP’s and the public were invited to join in.

Meanwhile music was provided by the Orkney Strathspey and Reel throughout the proceedings.

Overall a very busy day enjoyed by all and here’s to the next 50.

Thanks for reading and all the best

Neil 😉





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