>20th May update – finalised :)

>Hello again

Just to let you know that the SE5 is now confirmed.  We had to find an alternative solution to ensure getting it here so due to the assistance of Tommy Sinclair, who has the private grass airstrip on Lamb Holm we can now confirm its attendance.

The pilot has organised a visit to Kirkwall airport to check the posibility of landing but it looks like it will only be arriving on the 3rd, prior to the display.

Just to let you see what we have in store here are some links

SE5A is owned and flown by Neil Geddes, further information can be found here


You can view photographs at the bottom of the page

The Pitts Special is owned and flown by Dai Heather Hayes


who can also be found here

And the Spitfire owned and flown by Anthony Hodgson


who can also be found here

After the event I will publish my own photographs here but will also welcome pictures from anyone.

The timetable will most likely be:

3rd June

1840     SE5A display over Kirkwall Bay

1850     Pitts Special display over Kirkwall Bay

1900     Spitfire display over Kirkwall Bay

I will try and give you as much warning as I can regarding the low approach to Skea Brae.

There are a few more thank you’s to add to the list:

Norman Brass Car Hire has donated a car to the pilots while they are in Orkney

Liz Melvin and Ivan Stevenson have donated the wine for the private viewing on the 3rd.

David Blackman, Kirkwall Airport Manager, has confirmed that the aircraft can be parked in front of the terminal on the day, meaning all can see it clearly.  Many thanks to the Loganair Pilots for their assistance on this one.

Can I please ask all who have pledged to have all payments to me asap and in any event by next friday, 28th May.

In the words of Hannibal Hayes ” I love it when a plan comes together”

All the best



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