>Update to 20th May update


Hi again
Just when I thought I had finished typing for the night, I got a phone call from Eddie Ratter of Scapa Garage who had been raising further funds for the cause.

Further pledges are:

Colin Gregg Cars     £100
Munro’s Garage     £100
JG Shearer & Sons  £100
J&W Tait      £100
Walter Scott       £50

Many thanks to you all and of course Eddie for his hard work

Providing all pledges are met, I am delighted to say we can now complete all our plans.  I will get the invitations out to the private viewing beginning of next week as I have to give numbers.

It was suggested to me tonight that we should have collection tins around the viewing areas on the night.  The question is, if we did, do we have any volunteers to assist and where would be donate any money raised.  RAF charities would be the natural choice but willing to listen.  let us know what you think.

Finally a photo of what this is all about, many thanks Derek!

If you want to e-mail me, please use this address.




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