>Spitfire FAQ

>I have been asked loads of questions about the Spitfire and its history so I have listed below the answers (based on my research) to the most common ones.

The first and main question I am asked is regarding the number of flying Spitfires in the UK.

As far as I can see there are around 25 of which 6 are 2 seaters.

Here is a potted history of TP462

Built Castle Bromwich in July 1944, delivered to 39 Maintenance Unit.

Shipped to Mediterranean Allied Air Force with 215 Maintenance Unit

Served with 253 Sqn during 1945 with markings ‘SW-A’.

Transferred to Italian Air Force as ‘MM4100’

Then to Israeli Air Force as ‘0607’

Then ‘2067’ in 1952.

It was found partially buried on a Kibbutz by Rob Lamplough and sent back to England in May 1983.

Charles Church took ownership in 1985 and then restored and converted it to a Supermarine Type 509 Mk IX Spitfire Trainer configuration.

It was registered as G-CTIX it flew on July 25th 1987.

After Charles Church died it was sold to Jetcap Aviation in Florida as N462JC ‘SW-A’

The current owner, Anthony Hodgson  bought it and brought it back to the Aircraft Restoration Company (ARC) of Duxford, UK.

Anthony keeps it at a private strip in Wales.

Find more information here and here

We have just over half the pledges received to date, could you please try and have all pledges paid by friday of this week.  If, for any reason you are unable to fulfil your pledge, please let me know as asap.

Final bit of news.  I can now confim that Richard and William Shearer and Walter Scott have been given permission to take their historical cars on the airfield to have a period photograph taken with the Spitfire.

Glaitness School will be taking Class 7 at 11am to visit the aircraft as part of their project on WW2.  KGS have asked to do the same.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading



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