>From little acorns mighty Oaks grow

>It never ceases to amaze me how things evolve from inception to reality.  A very generous donation from Highlands and Islands Airports limited changed next weeks format.  This was followed quickly by another generous offer of funding by Billy McEwen of J&M McEwens.

At first, we were not sure if it was appropriate to accept the funds, however a few phone calls later, ideas started to come together.

I also received a phone call today from Alan Gorn in Stromness and it transpires his father, Billy Gorn from Towerhill in Holm, was an engineer in the Fleet Air Arm working on Spitfires at Twatt.

Our other guest, Sheena Taylor of Stenness and Aberdeenshire is the daughter of a pilot who served in Orkney with Fleet Air Arm Sqn 894 at HMS Sparrowhawk and HMS Illustrious and other Orkney airfields.
Her father, Douglas Robertson, came from Longhope.  Much more information to come from Sheena.

With the extra funding we are working hard to bring up one last surprise.  Many will have heard of John Moffat, who was credited with taking out the rudder of the Bismarck allowing her to be sunk.  Many of his exploits are available online.  Here is the reference for Wikipedia.

And here is a link to the Mail online


For those of you who have just found the blog, apologies, if you have not been updated, as it appears not all the e-mail addresses are accurate.

Thank you all again for you interest and generous contributions.  I hope to make another announcement tomorrow.

All the best



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