>Update 26 May

>This is a very late post as my router died tonight and i had to find another one and rebuild all the settings.  Plans are almost finalised and I am delighted to confirm the attendance of John Moffat on Wednesday night.  This has been made possible by a very generous donation from Jonathan Hinkles, Commercial Director of Loganair who provided the air ticket from Edinburgh to Kirkwall and return.

Time is starting to run short and we need to finalise the finance by friday, if possible.  Can I please ask that all pledges are paid by friday at the latest so we can go firm with all the displays.

For those of you who have already paid, many thanks, I will receipt each and every one as soon as I can.

I am at the airport 0830-1630 tomorrow and 0630-1430 on friday.  Outside these times, envelopes can be left with the information desk staff. 

If you want your pledges collected, please let me know and I will drop by after work.

Can I also ask everyone who wants to attend on wednesday night to drop a quick line, again allowing me to confirm numbers for the private viewing.  Please indicate wheteher you are taking a partner.

Next wednesday and thursday will certainly be 2 days to remember for a very long time and we thank all of you for making it possible.

Regards for now



2 thoughts on “>Update 26 May

  1. >Hello Neil,I'm Jean-Marie Urlacher, a french aviation journalist & photographer. I'm in Orkney on holidays to see some pilot's friends, Colin Mac Allister the Loganair pilot and Torquil Clyde, the owner of a Twin Comanche. I would like to offer you to make air to air pictures, of the Sptifire over Orkney and the Old Man of Hoy. It's all free of course.The best way is to do a 15/20mn flight just after the air show. You can email me on jean.urlacher@gmail.com

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