>Every cloud……………………..

>No new photos this week but have added a couple of links to the site.  Sadly we have stood the Nimrod Heitage Group down to allow a local chap, Mark Mair to bring his ideas forward.  IThe Moravia Aviation experience is a bold concept and I wish him well and will give him all the support I can.

The RAF at Kinloss have a proud history and a long association with Orkney and it has been a privilege to work with serving and retired individuals over the last 10 months.

I spoke to Mark last monday and discovered he is the mainstay of the Search And Rescue Trust fund in Moray.  He has single handedly raised a lot of money and the trust itself is of particular interest to me as in my day job, I fully appreciate the important and dangerous role of SAR.  Ironically Mark also needed the support of the very people he raises funds for as he was badly injured at sea and required SAR to take him to hospital

Many Orcadians owe there lives to the brave deeds of the Coastguard and the RAF SAR helicopters, not forgetting the top level cover provided by the crews of the Nimrod MR2, so the link is on the right hand side of this page.  Please visit the site if you have a moment.

Finally, a big thank you to a dear friend of mine who has recently come into my life.  David Morgan, a journalist and aviation expert has worked alongside me every step of the way.  I also wish to give thanks to his wife Rhona, who kindly gave up her husband to the cause for the last 10 months.

Sincere thanks to the both of you and I hope you get the boat launched in Oban tomorrow.

Till next time



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