>Two posts in one night, am I keen or what?

>And now for a mystery photograph.  My mum and dad own a bit of land which had become a bit of an eyesore.  I think I mentioned before my house is on the site of a wartime ballon site/camp called Caldale and the bit of ground I have been tidying up is where the MT was where they serviced the engines for the ballons and the vehicles.

We moved here in 1970 and the ground was always covered in earth until a couple of weekends ago.  While I was tidying up I noticed what appeared to be lettering written in the concrete and once it had been swept there was no doubt.

Here is the photo, intriguing.  I would love to find out what is underneath but do not want to destroy it.

I love a good mystery

Here is a link to Caldale Air Station on the ARGOS website, and no not the chain store, the Aviation Research Group Orkney and Shetland.




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