>While I am on a roll……………………….

>I was looking through some of my photos last night and thought I would share a few of my favourite photos from RAF Leuchars which I make an annual pilgrimage to.  The first year I attended, I had a normal ticket but am fortunate that each year I have been successful in getting an enthusiasts pass.

It is 6 x the cost but worth every penny as you get hosted by the RAF for the 2 days, the pre-show day where you see the arrivals and the rehearsals and the show day where you get the advantage of not having to fight with 50,000 others to get in a position to take photos.

I will not describe each photo but I am sure you will recognise each and every aircraft, hope you like them.

I have thousands of photos and don’t know where to start with building them up again.  I will try and post regularly as I have a bit more time on my hands jsut now.  But for how long?  I have already formulated and instigated a plan for next year, probably JUly so watch this space!
Have a nice evening

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