Back from holidays

It’s amazing how time flies.  Just back off holiday and a few weeks until Leuchars.  Unbelievable a second scottish base is being binned by this government.  Anyway had a vist to East Fortune museum when I was away and have a number of pics to sort before posting them here.

I thought I would post up afew more photos from July when we had visits from a C17.  We had notification that a C17 was going to do low approaches at Kirkwall Airport, so for a few minutes the world stopped.

It was only when I had taken the photographs that I realised it was a completely different aircraft from the previous day.  This particular one is ZZ173 and it hung about most of the day.

And then it was time to go

We had a few other visitors, first of all we had G-WAIN up from Hawarden

And then a vist from an old friend, ZE700 from the Royal Flight

It never ceases to amaze me just how quiet these aircraft are!  The final unusual visitor we had was G-CFLU, an Eastern Saab 2000 up to do the crew change for the Subsea Viking.

As some of you know, I manged to be part of the tribute Spitfire flight last year over Skea Brae.  This year I managed to land there thanks to Andrew Brown and G-WIFE.

The weather was due to turn and Andrew asked if I fancied going for a flight with a view to landing there.  30 minutes later we were in the air.  15 minutes after that we were on finals for Skea Brae

Then we were on the ground.  Another life objective met.  Here is my host for the evening pictured at Skea Brae.  Many thanks Andrew.

And my final 2 pics prior to disappearing to Stornoway were a couple of visiting helicopters, Squirrel G-BPRJ and Eurocopter G-SASA

That’s it for just now, some nice pics from East Fortune to come and won’t be long till I am sifting through hundreds of Leuchars pics.  I have to say the flying program is a bit disappointing this year but wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Thanks for reading and all the best

Neil 😉


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