The old and the new

Just prior to going on holiday we had a visiting Canadian registered Super Puma on its way to Brazil.  Just looks like any other CHC aircraft except for the registration.

While I was in Stornoway, I did not have much time for taking photos but this one was worth taking time out of my lunch.  I have not seen many Casa 212‘s and I guess this one was on a ferry flight.  Not pretty, but then again it’s a bit like a big Islander so I guess it has it’s charm.  Apologies for the chain link visible in the photo, didn’t have time to get photoshop out.

We had a visit from a nearly new Embraer Phenom 100 which arrived from Germany, while I was down taking the picture, our Firefighters were about to go on exercise.

No pun intended, we had a flying visit from OO-GEA, a Bell 206 passing through from Belgium to Shetland.

And the inside

Back to that Phenom 100 from Germany, afetr the weather brightened up a bit I managed to get a better picture of this aircraft and I have to say it is stunning.  Sadly I did not win the Euromillions rollover on tuesday night so can’t afford one just yet.

And, of course, the inside.  Reminds me of the USS Enterprise

It is becoming more like a virtual word with these glass cockpits.  Look carefully at the screens and you will see they also show the terrain.

WE had a couple of Super Pumas drop by at the beginning of the week as one went tech and another saved the day for the offshore crews. G-CHCN and G-CHCL

Finally a first visit from Cessna 182 G-EFAW.  This was piloted by Martin Petrie, a regular vistor to Orkney and his first with this aircraft.  He was passing through with his wife on their way to the Faroes.

That’s it for now, thanks for taking the time to read, till next time

Neil 😉


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