Nimrod rise and fall

I mentioned in a previous post that I had the pleasure of working alongside a number of top blokes in the RAF based at Kinloss,

To name a few

Justin, Jim M, Steve, Dave I, Roxy, John, Terry, Dave B and Keith,

All of them made me feel welcome and spent time and effort with me showing off what is now the last Nimrod MR2 in Scotland and if I had my way, it would have been the last complete MR2 in Scotland but that is sadly, unlikely to happen now,.  The SDSR put paid to our RAF maritime assets and this book highlights what can only be described as a rushed decision with far reaching consequences that we may not see for some time.

The SDSR succeeded in putting 1000’s out of jobs, closing RAF KInloss and ultimately Leuchars but hey!  The American aircraft industry got a huge boost as it is highly likely we will eventually have american P8’s guarding our shores.  There is a pattern here did Germany not get a huge contract to build trains for the UK resulting in 1000’s of redundancies from Bombardier 😦

Must get off that soapbox, anyway, I got to know them while working on a project connected with my interest in all things RAF, in particular RAF Kinloss and the Nimrod MR2.

Justin has been working on a project which has just come to fruition in the Form of a new book . Nimrod Rise and Fall. This book is written by Tony Blackman about the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod from its beginning to its end, 978-0-9553856-7-4. NON-FICTION, with the appendix written by Justin from a flightcrew perspective.

I was delighted when a number of my photos were used to illustrate this book,  Also I have been sent some fantastic pictures by JIm Mailer which I hope to show here at some point.

Now you know what to get your other halves for christmas.  Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for letting me know about it Justin, great book.  Find more about it at

Till next time

All the best

Neil 🙂


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