Too close for comfort

I finished work just after 1430 with Children in need well under way.  So where does the title come from?  Skip and Lyndsay started a sweepstake where certain “volunteers” would be chosen, votes would be cast at a cost, and the person with the most votes would end up getting their legs waxed. The thing is, all the “volunteers” were male.

Wind ups followed all morning and some worried looking faces including mine with the impending sense that my legs would be silky smooth by the end of my shift.

Sure enough, the time came to count the votes and it ended up a tie between Richard Gorn, Supervisor with Loganair and myself.

Then along came my fairy godmother in the form of The Loganair Inter Island Team.  MIchael Bain came and cast the final votes and luckily for me the tie had ended meaning Richard Gorn would shortly have the pleasure of beauty treatment courtesy of Lyndsay.

The photos take it from here:

Well done to the ladies for working so hard and full marks to Richard for being such a good sport.

The girls were around the £500 mark when I left so here’s hoping they beat their record.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading

All the best

Neil 😉


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