Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourself.  Time to get myself in gear and get my typing fingers going.  So what has happened since my last post?  Very little GA wise but been seriously busy at work.

The good news is there will be another airshow at RAF Leuchars this year.  There are some who have moaned and groaned at the standard of the 2011 show but what a day out.  I do not believe there will be another so if you want to get up close and personal, keep logging into .

I only have a couple of pictures for you and a couple are pretty poor but finally on November 18th, Kirkwall Airport had its first visit by Eurofighters.  They did not come low nor fast and the light was poor but that did not reduce their majesty as they announced their arrival.

And they were gone

The thing about these aircraft is their ability to be gone before I have time to get my camera out.  More RAF came to visit us when we had a short stopover from ZE701.

The holidays were over too soon and it was back to work.  Our first international charter came in from Haugesund on the 5th of January with crew change for the Subsea Viking which is now almost a local.  Unusually it was their King Air 350.

All it will take is a lottery win and I will have one as well 🙂

Finally today our first RAF visitor and this one was from Leuchars;

And a visitor from Perth, I wonder who got home first?

That’s it for now, thanks for reading and once again Happy New Year, I hope 2012 brings you everything you wish for.  A transfer to Buffalo Airways in Yellow Knife would do me fine as I have been watching Ice Pilots.  It may be hard work but that style of life would suit me down to the ground.  It would mean coming back to Orkney to top up my tan though:)

All the best

Neil 😉


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