Leuchars Airshow day 2

Saturday morning came and as always there is time to walk along the static display before the hordes arrive.  I also had to go and pick up my limited edition print for the formation of the new 1 squadron.  Sorry about my shadow in a number of pics but I hope you like the aircraft.

The day was not as busy as normal but none the less a terrific day.  Sadly the wind was from the west so afterburner shots were limited.

Highlights of the day were The Blades, The Red Arrows and the Sea Fury.  Again their were a number of no shows including the Dakota from the BBMF. Again the Sentry was stunning and no-one can deny the majesty of the Vulcan.

Thank you to RAF Leuchars and the Air Show team for another great 2 days, hope there is another next year.

Enjoy the photos.

As always, thanks for taking the time to drop past

All the best

Neil 😉


Leuchars Airshow 2012 review day 1

Hello and thanks for visiting.  My annual pilgrimage to RAF Leuchars took place last week when the Diamond Celebration Airshow took place over the 14th and 15th of September.  I am always very fortunate that my family club in together and buy this weekend for my birthday every year so they never have to think about what I want.

It is always a bit of a rush but this year I took my dad who was keen to see the Vampires, Venom and Meteor.  In the end the Venom went tech but there were attendances and displays from the others.

Day 1

Sadly we were stuck in car park 6 for the 2 days which is a step back from previous years but we were well looked after by the serving members of the RAF.

The weather was very mixed with a strong westerly blowing all day which meant the aircraft were all taking off and landing from the 27 end, which was a pity.  Soon after bacon rolls and coffee the aircraft started arriving and/or practising their routine.  I did take a number of photographs and have posted them here.  As always none of my photos are photoshopped.

A lot of photos to look through and an extremely long day.  This show seemed to have a lot less flying than previous ones I have attended, however, the RAF did an outstanding job by having a large number of aircraft in the air, particularly Typhoons but the highlight of the two days for me was the displays by the Chinook and the E3 Sentry.

In recent years the enthusiasts normally parked in the Officers Mess car park for day 1 and on base on day 2.  This became car park 6 which requires a shuttle service provided by the RAF.  It just means arriving a little earlier on the day and leaving a bit later.  I made the mistake a number of years ago of parking in the main car park.  A hard lesson as it took me longer to get out of the base than it did to drive to Forres so never again.

We arrived at the enthusiasts compound about 0815 in time to pick a reasonable spot for our days activities, set down our gear and waited for breakfast.  Sure enough a short time later, coffee and unlimited bacon rolls arrived.  The RAF are fantastic hosts and I may be an old fashioned type of guy but the uniforms worn by the females are very smart in comparison to the tat that you see down the high street at the weekend.

Stomachs full, it was outside for the briefing and the days activities.  There was a steady wind all day which got a little tiresome but none the less the day got underway.  It was nice to see the T33 alongside the Vampires early in the day.  A steady stream of aircraft passed in front of us, some of them a first for me, in particular the French Rafale and the Hawk T2.  The F16’s of the Belgian Air Component and the Royal Netherlands Air Force were a sore miss as they produce outstanding displays.  No German element this year, I doubt Angela Merkel is getting more miserable as she gets older.  No Polish element this year.  I am sure you are seeing a pattern.

There seemed to be huge gaps in the arrivals and rehearsals with a number of no shows but still you can’t keep a good anorak down.  The day was hard going for my dad as there was no shelter at the fenceline but he had a good time.

All too soon the day was over and we headed back to the Strathmartine Avenue Travelodge in Dundee which was a reasonable price as it had been booked for 7 months but it was definitely all fur coat and no knickers. It looked nice from the outside but the rooms were very basic and the food was below average.  I have not had a good experience of Travelodges this year so time to change.

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourself.  Time to get myself in gear and get my typing fingers going.  So what has happened since my last post?  Very little GA wise but been seriously busy at work.

The good news is there will be another airshow at RAF Leuchars this year.  There are some who have moaned and groaned at the standard of the 2011 show but what a day out.  I do not believe there will be another so if you want to get up close and personal, keep logging into www.airshow.co.uk .

I only have a couple of pictures for you and a couple are pretty poor but finally on November 18th, Kirkwall Airport had its first visit by Eurofighters.  They did not come low nor fast and the light was poor but that did not reduce their majesty as they announced their arrival.

And they were gone

The thing about these aircraft is their ability to be gone before I have time to get my camera out.  More RAF came to visit us when we had a short stopover from ZE701.

The holidays were over too soon and it was back to work.  Our first international charter came in from Haugesund on the 5th of January with crew change for the Subsea Viking which is now almost a local.  Unusually it was their King Air 350.

All it will take is a lottery win and I will have one as well 🙂

Finally today our first RAF visitor and this one was from Leuchars;

And a visitor from Perth, I wonder who got home first?

That’s it for now, thanks for reading and once again Happy New Year, I hope 2012 brings you everything you wish for.  A transfer to Buffalo Airways in Yellow Knife would do me fine as I have been watching Ice Pilots.  It may be hard work but that style of life would suit me down to the ground.  It would mean coming back to Orkney to top up my tan though:)

All the best

Neil 😉