And you thought P38 was a body filler made by Isopon

More of that in a second.  The poor weather on friday made us busier than normal.  Over and above the usual extras we had a Texas based Citation N514DS flying from Friedrichshafen to Montreal.

We also had an S92, G-CGYW amongst the usual Super Pumas

And all too soon my shift was finished.  Today turned out to be much better than expected.  I caught up with an old colleague, Alan Mossman, who was part of Highland Airways and now flies on a freelance basis, this time in G-HEBI.

And then we come back to P38, in this case the Red Bull P38 Lockheed Lightning which passed overhead en-route Wick.  Thanks again to Peter Henderson at ATC who gave us 5 minutes warning.  Pretty soon all noses were looking to the north waiting on its arrival.

Sadly I got it badly wrong as the resolution settings on my camera were all wrong and I only managed to catch the aircraft in 2 megapixels.  Gutted 😦

Anyway on approach there is no mistaking this aircraft

And a lucky shot, even if not in Hi-Res

What a stunning aircraft.  My understanding is it was on its way to Duxford as part of the Flying Legends but here is a link to the Flying Bulls which will give you all the information you need to know.

If you are using google chrome, use the translate into english function otherwise there is more information here

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Definitely livening up

Been a lot more interesting since my last post.  Yesterday I was told a Junkers 52 tri-motor flew over the airport.  Of course, I missed it but have been asked that many questions about it, I had to do a bit of research.

The aircraft in question is HB-HOT which was on its way across the atlantic.  I didn’t get a picture although there are many on the net.  Here is the website that tells you all about it.

Anyway, back to Grimsetter.  We have had a number of RAF visitors over the last couple of weeks starting with these Tucanos which were in on the 13th June.  ZF289 and ZF379.



The next day Peter Henderson from the tower phoned and said there was a fly past from a Herc expected at 1308 that day.  As always camera to the ready and sure enough at 1308 the Herc appeared in the distance and proceeded to do an outstanding low pass.  Luckily enough the light was excellent and I got a couple of decent pictures.  The aircraft had minimal markings and I could not make out the tail number.





My photograph at full resolution is clear as a bell so I can only assume someone does not want the tail number easily seen.

Shortly after, I heard a racket outside and looked through the window to see this R44, G-CMCC, had just arrived.  This aircraft is on a charity flight called the three capes challenge.



And the inside


And the last visitors for this post, 3 Tucanos in from Leuchars who, like the previous 2 are on exercise at Leuchars.  Here are ZF140, ZF448 and ZF289 for the second time in this post.




And a group photo


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Olympic Flame comes to Orkney

No new aircraft for you, however, as the title suggests the Olympic flame arrived in Orkney this morning and was witnessed by thousands of people as it passed through the town.

The Saab carrying the flame arrived just before 0830 in an aircraft piloted by an Orkney pilot, Captain Dave Miller.

Each photo is self explanatory so I won’t bore you with a story.

L1050484 (800 x 600)









Well done to all who took part

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Time for an update

Hello and thanks for visiting.  Not much seems to be happening lately and I haven’t updated the blog.  KOI has had many visitors but I seem to miss them on each and every occasion.  I haven’t seen a bizjet in a while but when I was away in May, I saw a jet I hadn’t seen in a long time.  The thing is it was parked at a garage in Elgin.  Always having my trusty Leica by my side, here are the pictures.




Hmm, BMW, Jimny or Buccaneer. No competition!  Anyway back to Kirkwall where we had an unusual Diamond in from Germany.  First I thought it was a DA40 but soon found out it was an HK36.  The difference is in the huge wingspan as the aircraft is also a motor glider.


This gives you an idea of the span


While I was down at the small apron, I snapped N8829P, a Comanche 260


Finally, after the Diamond Jubilee for our Queen, we had a visit from The Princess Royal yesterday who was passing through on her visits to the lighthouses of the UK with the Northen Lighthouse Board.  She came in on G-FRYI, a King Air 200 operated by London Executive Aviation.  While Doris Stout ( The mum of Cameron Stout from Big Brother ) greeted HRH on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant, I welcomed the pilot who I recognised from years ago when he was a pilot for Cobham, flying the Calibrator.  Pleasure to see you again.

HRH transferred across to the NLB Eurocopter and was quickly gone.




That’s about it for now.  The weather is awful and we are a couple of weeks away from the longest day.  Then its all downhill after that.  I must also thank Holger & Martina Scharlach, who came all the way from Hannover in Germany to introduce themselves and to photograph the Saab 340’s.

It was a pleasure meeting you both and I hope you have a safe journey home.

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