By popular request

ZZ177 has caused a stir amongst the population of Orkney.  Never has a visiting aircraft (Spitfire excluded) caused such a stir.  The light was slightly better today and thanks to Hub, I was in the right place at the right time.

Hope you like todays photos.  Also it is worth noting there may be visiting aircraft over the next week and a half so keep watching the skies.

Thanks for looking in again.  If you want to view video footage.  Thanks to Andrew Rendall in the fire section, you can.  Gind the fottage here

Neil 🙂


A visit from 99 Squadron

I never thought I would end up posting 2 nights in a row but one of our larger visitors passed through today in the shape of a C17 Globemaster. The photos are taken from a great distance and the light was not the best I have seen but no mistaking what I can only describe as a beast. The thing that was surprising about it was how little noise it made as it flew overhead. All of the airport were either outside or at the windows to watch it passing and if it wasn’t for Air Traffic Controller Alan Bews I would have missed it so many thanks Hub. It’s arrival for those that missed it is in the next few pics.

So thanks to the crew of ZZ177 for taking the time to pass through.

All the best

Neil 🙂

A few new visitors

One of the things I have learned over the years is to always have a camera with you.  WE had probably the best day of the year 2 sundays ago and while relaxing on Inganess beach, I discovered that aircraft landing on runway 14 pass right over your head, so in anticipation of Leuchars, out came the camera.

First of all G-CKKD, a Kwik microlite and then one of our resident aircraft, G-BCPA Loganair Islander.

All too soon it was back to work and although I only caught it at long distance, G-SARC was passing through.


Shortly after we had a visit from N37172, King Air 350.  This aircraft is owned and operated by Marks and Spencer.

And the first RAF visitor for a peedie while.  You always know when a Tucano is around because they announce their arrival everytime.  ZF448 was up from Linton on Ouse.

And thanks to Peter Henderson at the tower, I got a couple of minutes warning that a Hercules C130 was going to do an approach in a couple of minutes.  I just had time to grab my camera before I saw this in the distance.

And although it is a fair distance away, I clearly can see the numbers ZH887, good job as the phone rang minutes later from a spotter wondering if I knew the tail number.

Thats it for now.  I have been speaking to Tommy Mogren in Sweden who was the owner of the server which contained my previous blog.  He has confirmed that all my previous ramblings are still intact and saved in a file.  He is going to attempt to get the information to me.  Be nice if I can get it all back.

Thanks for reading

All the best

Neil 🙂


Just a couple of pics this week

The end of another week with a forecast of good weather for the weekend so here’s hoping.   It’s been a busy week so not had a lot of time to take pictures but have had notification of a number of Long Ezees arriving in mid July so will keep you posted.

The first aircraft is A Citation Bravo, G-IDAB.  Slightly different than the previous Citation as the cockpit was glass.  This particular Citation is part of the Air Charter Scotland fleet.

And the inside

And finally a visit from an old friend G-WIFE piloted by Andrew Brown who is a regular visitor to the island and a fellow aviation enthusiast.  Andrew was a major part of the Spitfire event last year.  Lovely to see peedie Rosie again and a pleasure to meet Keith Gray on time off from RAF Kinloss.

Here they are just on final approach on runway 32

That’s it for now, till next time