>Where’s the mad boom

>We became RAF Grimsetter again for a couple of days.  First of all we had a visit from a couple of Tucano’s from Linton on Ouse.

What was special about these ones was the Orcadian connection.  The pilot of one of them, “Wildy”, was the son of Chris and Julia Wild who are the owners of Craigies Taxi’s in Kirkwall.
Thank you for the low flypast in formation on 14/32, everyone enjoyed themselves.  It was a pity the light was so low but hope the photos are OK.  Chris, the photos will be with you tonight.

At 7am this morning my phone rang.  It was my colleague Ian who was at work and had been informed that a Nimrod was going to do low approaches at Kirkwall at around 0915 this morning.  Almost in disbelief, I woke up immediately and remembered that XV249 was at Kinloss this week prior to going on detachment abroad.

I made sure my batteries were all charged in my cameras and was at work in good time to prepare for this exciting event.  I had never seen an R1 before so with the help of the new Airport Manager, Davie Berston and the new Airport Fire Manager, Graeme King, I managed to get myself in a prime possition in time for the approach.

And here are the pics, you will never see this again!

And a first for me, the ability to post a video clip.  This was this morning and is the last recording, ever, of 4 Rolls Royce Speys powering away´╗┐ on Runway 27.  Outstanding!
´╗┐Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Cheers for now

>Hello and welcome back

>Hello All

Happy New Year.  Sorry I have been away so long.  Sadly spottersblog died and all my work was wiped.  I have tried to buy the spottersblog domain but it is not yet available so I thought it was time to sort something out.

I have posted nothing since my visit to Leuchars last year and I have got myself involved heavily in a very large project!  What is it? bigger than you could ever imagine and will be published shortly.

I have been humbled by the amount of people who have asked for the blog to return, I genuinely never realised so many people were interested.

Thank you all and I hope you enjoy the new blog.

Thanks for reading