Too close for comfort

I finished work just after 1430 with Children in need well under way.  So where does the title come from?  Skip and Lyndsay started a sweepstake where certain “volunteers” would be chosen, votes would be cast at a cost, and the person with the most votes would end up getting their legs waxed. The thing is, all the “volunteers” were male.

Wind ups followed all morning and some worried looking faces including mine with the impending sense that my legs would be silky smooth by the end of my shift.

Sure enough, the time came to count the votes and it ended up a tie between Richard Gorn, Supervisor with Loganair and myself.

Then along came my fairy godmother in the form of The Loganair Inter Island Team.  MIchael Bain came and cast the final votes and luckily for me the tie had ended meaning Richard Gorn would shortly have the pleasure of beauty treatment courtesy of Lyndsay.

The photos take it from here:

Well done to the ladies for working so hard and full marks to Richard for being such a good sport.

The girls were around the £500 mark when I left so here’s hoping they beat their record.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading

All the best

Neil 😉


Nimrod rise and fall

I mentioned in a previous post that I had the pleasure of working alongside a number of top blokes in the RAF based at Kinloss,

To name a few

Justin, Jim M, Steve, Dave I, Roxy, John, Terry, Dave B and Keith,

All of them made me feel welcome and spent time and effort with me showing off what is now the last Nimrod MR2 in Scotland and if I had my way, it would have been the last complete MR2 in Scotland but that is sadly, unlikely to happen now,.  The SDSR put paid to our RAF maritime assets and this book highlights what can only be described as a rushed decision with far reaching consequences that we may not see for some time.

The SDSR succeeded in putting 1000’s out of jobs, closing RAF KInloss and ultimately Leuchars but hey!  The American aircraft industry got a huge boost as it is highly likely we will eventually have american P8’s guarding our shores.  There is a pattern here did Germany not get a huge contract to build trains for the UK resulting in 1000’s of redundancies from Bombardier 😦

Must get off that soapbox, anyway, I got to know them while working on a project connected with my interest in all things RAF, in particular RAF Kinloss and the Nimrod MR2.

Justin has been working on a project which has just come to fruition in the Form of a new book . Nimrod Rise and Fall. This book is written by Tony Blackman about the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod from its beginning to its end, 978-0-9553856-7-4. NON-FICTION, with the appendix written by Justin from a flightcrew perspective.

I was delighted when a number of my photos were used to illustrate this book,  Also I have been sent some fantastic pictures by JIm Mailer which I hope to show here at some point.

Now you know what to get your other halves for christmas.  Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for letting me know about it Justin, great book.  Find more about it at

Till next time

All the best

Neil 🙂

Oldies but goodies (except for Marco……)

Who is definitely not an oldie but qualifies as a goodie.  I started looking through some of my older photographs and thought I would start posting them up in batches.  Amongst them are pictures of aircraft we no longer see including Highland Airways and British Airways.

Hope you like them

Part two shortly.  Thanks for taking the time to read.

Neil 🙂

Pudsey and Co

It’s that time of the year again.  Things are being prepared at the terminal for next weeks children in need under the watchful eye of Co-ordinator Skippy (Susanne Carter) and Lyndsay Robinson.

They have been working hard preparing raffles, home bakes and sales and I would not be surprised if they have their best ever year.  Here are the Dynamic Duo.

Obviously there are others in the background who make things possible and Skip has asked me to thank the following on her behalf:

Margaret Corsie


Maurice Dawson at the Blue Door

Jackie Delaney

Security Staff at KOI

and everyone else for generous donations and beautiful baking.  Not good for the waistline!

Thanks for reading and good luck ladies

All the best

Neil 🙂

Spotting at Kinloss July 2009

I am still looking back over many of my old photos and came across these.  On my way back from my summer holidays, I decided to have a coule of hours at the end of the main runway.  Nothing happened for a few hours so I called for my Mrs to pick me up.  AS she arrived there was the unmistakable sound of jet engines starting and all of a sudden things came to life.

None of the photos have been edited but thought this would bring back memories for some, hope you like them.

AS always, thanks for taking the time to read

All the best

Neil 😉