A mystery is solved

Thanks to Everett Garson from Eday.  I have a vague memory of landing at what I thought was a beach in Eday, probably in the early 70’s.  I have asked many people if there was a beach strip but the answer was inevitably no 🙂

Until the golden islander arrived where I had good fortune to meet Everett at the airport.  Through having a chat with him, I discovered that I wasn’t going mad as he told me that while the runway was being done up in the early 70’s, the loch was drained and became a temporary airfield for the islanders.

Not only did he tell me about it, he gave me a photo showing an Islander aircraft on/in the loch.

Many thanks for letting me share.

Thanks for reading

Neil 😉



Domain at last

After over 10 years of blogging and keeping the Spottersblog name going started by Tommy Mogren, I have finally managed to secure the domain I have been waiting on.

http://spotters.blog has been a long wait but was worth it as  waiting for other domains with the title was proving to be too expensive although I did own spottersblog.uk.

I have resized a number of pictures taken over the last couple of months ranging from lovely sunrises at the airport to the new NLB helicopter now operated by PDG.

It was nice to see the return of Jim at the helm but we thought Kenny the engineer was gone.  Gladly we were wrong and Kenny appeared back in the terminal a fortnight ago so welcome back.

Anyway, no long spiel and hope you like the pics.

Thanks for taking the time to visit

Neil 😉