Catch up

I seem to spend more time on Facebook and less time on here which I am not happy about.  Although the airport has been very busy, we have not had too many unusual aircraft stopping off so I had a look at my photos and have chosen a few that I have not published on Facebook.

Starting with a Tyrol Air ambulance which was in to repatriate a patient to Austria


And the new Air Ambulance


Jota Air was in with this very nice King Air C90


And this was taken on the first visit of a Dornier in the new Flybe colours


Wideroe popped in again with one of their Dash 8’s


Cartier popped in last week for a visit in their stunning C680+


And the same aircraft together with one of our Islanders

And an arty farty pic for me.  The sunrise was stunning on Wednesday morning so I nipped outside for a picture.


And the actual sunrise


That’s it for now.  As always thanks for taking the time to read.  May be some interesting pictures on or around the 11th December.  Check Kirkwall Airport Facebook for details.

All the best

Neil 😉