A day at RAF Lossiemouth

Hello All

Tuesday 23rd April saw a first for me with a very kind invitation from RAF Lossiemouth to attend an enthusiasts day.  As you know I have had an affinity with RAF Kinloss and had regular photographs of Nimrod MR2‘s as they did their regular low approaches at Kirkwall.  I also have atteneded numerous events at Leuchars but for some reason I have not had the chance to visit RAF Lossie.  What a loss it seems as the visit was excellent and we were treated like lords.

A couple of months ago, a notice came out asking for notifications of interest to attend this event.  Applications were well in excess of the number of places available and we all went into a lottery to see who would get the invite.  Lady Luck was smiling and although it was a hectic two days going there and back again, I have some (in my opinion) excellent photos and some nice memories.

RAF Lossiemouth is the home of 15, 12 and 617 Squadrons all operating the Tornado GR4 and 202 Squadron who operate Sea Kings in the SAR role.  There is currently a large exercise taking place called Joint Warrior with aircraft and crew attending from many countries and is one of the largest military exercises held in peacetime.

When I look back at some of my photos, I realised that Lossie GR4’s are a familiar visitor to Orkney but they travel so fast I rarely get a decent picture.  The other thing I noticed is Lossie is very spotter friendly with loads of places for the keen or not so keen spotter to watch the goings on and to enjoy the experience.

Anyway, here are the pictures, it may seem that there are duplications but I was trying out settings on my new camera and I have to say the change has been worthwhile.  I will never be a professional but I am a happy snapper and proud of it.

IMGP7637 IMGP7441 IMGP7442 IMGP7443 IMGP7444 IMGP7445 IMGP7446 IMGP7447 IMGP7448 IMGP7449 IMGP7450 IMGP7451 IMGP7452 IMGP7453 IMGP7454 IMGP7455 IMGP7456 IMGP7457 IMGP7458 IMGP7459 IMGP7460 IMGP7461 IMGP7462 IMGP7463 IMGP7464 IMGP7465 IMGP7466 IMGP7467 IMGP7468 IMGP7469 IMGP7470 IMGP7471 IMGP7472 IMGP7473 IMGP7474 IMGP7476 IMGP7477 IMGP7479 IMGP7480 IMGP7481 IMGP7482 IMGP7483 IMGP7484 IMGP7485 IMGP7486 IMGP7487 IMGP7488 IMGP7489 IMGP7490 IMGP7491 IMGP7492 IMGP7493 IMGP7494 IMGP7495 IMGP7496 IMGP7497 IMGP7498 IMGP7499 IMGP7500 IMGP7501 IMGP7502 IMGP7503 IMGP7504 IMGP7505 IMGP7506 IMGP7507 IMGP7508 IMGP7509 IMGP7510 IMGP7511 IMGP7512 IMGP7513 IMGP7514 IMGP7515 IMGP7516 IMGP7517 IMGP7518 IMGP7519 IMGP7520 IMGP7521 IMGP7522 IMGP7523 IMGP7524 IMGP7525 IMGP7526 IMGP7527 IMGP7528 IMGP7529 IMGP7530 IMGP7531 IMGP7532 IMGP7533 IMGP7534 IMGP7535 IMGP7536 IMGP7537 IMGP7538 IMGP7539 IMGP7540 IMGP7541 IMGP7542 IMGP7543 IMGP7544 IMGP7545 IMGP7546 IMGP7547 IMGP7548 IMGP7549 IMGP7550 IMGP7551 IMGP7552 IMGP7553 IMGP7554 IMGP7555 IMGP7556 IMGP7557 IMGP7558 IMGP7559 IMGP7560 IMGP7561 IMGP7562 IMGP7563 IMGP7564 IMGP7565 IMGP7566 IMGP7567 IMGP7568 IMGP7569 IMGP7570 IMGP7571 IMGP7572 IMGP7573 IMGP7574 IMGP7575 IMGP7576 IMGP7577 IMGP7578 IMGP7579 IMGP7580 IMGP7581 IMGP7582 IMGP7583 IMGP7584 IMGP7585 IMGP7586 IMGP7587 IMGP7588 IMGP7589 IMGP7590 IMGP7591 IMGP7592 IMGP7593 IMGP7594 IMGP7595 IMGP7596 IMGP7597 IMGP7598 IMGP7599 IMGP7600 IMGP7601 IMGP7602 IMGP7603 IMGP7604 IMGP7605 IMGP7606 IMGP7607 IMGP7608 IMGP7609 IMGP7610 IMGP7611 IMGP7612 IMGP7613 IMGP7614 IMGP7615 IMGP7616 IMGP7617 IMGP7618 IMGP7619 IMGP7620 IMGP7621 IMGP7622 IMGP7623 IMGP7624 IMGP7625 IMGP7626 IMGP7627 IMGP7628 IMGP7629 IMGP7630 IMGP7631 IMGP7632 IMGP7633 IMGP7634 IMGP7635 IMGP7636

So all in all, a very good day with excellent hosts which I am genuinely grateful for.  The next time I am in Moray, I feel another visit is on the cards.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and, as always, thanks for taking the time to read.

All the best

Neil 😉


At last


And apologies for not posting sooner.  We have been very busy at the airport with cold weather which has resulted in a number of delays over the last while but the sun is peeping throuch the clouds and we have had a period of settled weather for a few weeks now.

So what has happened since I last updated the blog.  One of our ex Security Agents, Gary Scott, at Kirkwall disappeared some time ago to Malaysia to utilise his CPL and I am delighted to let those that know him know he has been promoted to Captain.  Excellent news and congratulations.

In March we had a short visit from an unusual aircraft operated by the Swiss Air Force.  I always thought a Beech 1900 was a small uglyish aircraft.  In the flesh it is much bigger and quite elegant.




One of the most common complaints at the airport over the years has been the space for car parking or the lack of.  In the 11 years I have been there, the car park has increased in size by around 85 spaces.  The good news is, a further 40 spaces have been added on the left as you come in the main entrance, which should be open to the public shortly.

Here are a couple of pics showing the changes:




Last week we had a couple of new aircraft in and a new airline for me.  The first was G-EXAM, a Piper Arrow IV piloted by Captain Hugh Urquhart who I remember was the pilot on my first flight in a BAE 146.  He is now based in Glasgow with Jet 2.  G-OINV was once a flagship aircraft in the BA fleet and is now sitting cannibalised at Exeter Airport.


And here is the link to G-OINV, which as you will see, is looking very sorry for itself


Finally, last friday we had a visit from an Air Iceland F50 with a group of people who were here for a meeting on friday night reurning saturday.



Since my last post, I have upgraded my camera from my trusty Leica to a Pentax K-R which I hope will improve my standard of photography as I get used to it.  You will see 2 small marks on the upper left of my last 2 photographs which is annoying as I cannot work out if they are on the sensor or the mirror but will get it sorted shortly.

I also received an invite from RAF Lossiemouth to attend an enthusiasts day on the 23rd April when Exercise Joint Warrior takes place so I hope to have a lot of photos on that day.

Anyway, as always, thanks for taking the time to read my notes.

All the very best