At last


And apologies for not posting sooner.  We have been very busy at the airport with cold weather which has resulted in a number of delays over the last while but the sun is peeping throuch the clouds and we have had a period of settled weather for a few weeks now.

So what has happened since I last updated the blog.  One of our ex Security Agents, Gary Scott, at Kirkwall disappeared some time ago to Malaysia to utilise his CPL and I am delighted to let those that know him know he has been promoted to Captain.  Excellent news and congratulations.

In March we had a short visit from an unusual aircraft operated by the Swiss Air Force.  I always thought a Beech 1900 was a small uglyish aircraft.  In the flesh it is much bigger and quite elegant.




One of the most common complaints at the airport over the years has been the space for car parking or the lack of.  In the 11 years I have been there, the car park has increased in size by around 85 spaces.  The good news is, a further 40 spaces have been added on the left as you come in the main entrance, which should be open to the public shortly.

Here are a couple of pics showing the changes:




Last week we had a couple of new aircraft in and a new airline for me.  The first was G-EXAM, a Piper Arrow IV piloted by Captain Hugh Urquhart who I remember was the pilot on my first flight in a BAE 146.  He is now based in Glasgow with Jet 2.  G-OINV was once a flagship aircraft in the BA fleet and is now sitting cannibalised at Exeter Airport.


And here is the link to G-OINV, which as you will see, is looking very sorry for itself

Finally, last friday we had a visit from an Air Iceland F50 with a group of people who were here for a meeting on friday night reurning saturday.



Since my last post, I have upgraded my camera from my trusty Leica to a Pentax K-R which I hope will improve my standard of photography as I get used to it.  You will see 2 small marks on the upper left of my last 2 photographs which is annoying as I cannot work out if they are on the sensor or the mirror but will get it sorted shortly.

I also received an invite from RAF Lossiemouth to attend an enthusiasts day on the 23rd April when Exercise Joint Warrior takes place so I hope to have a lot of photos on that day.

Anyway, as always, thanks for taking the time to read my notes.

All the very best



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