Happy birthday Maggie

Maggie thought it was just a normal day at the office but she did not know weall knew it was going to be a major birthday, courtesy of Facebook.  2 birthday cakes, 2 balloons and loads of presents later she was suitably embarassed.  Here is the birthday girl!




And the secret squirrel team members, Marion, Liz and Paula.



Sadly Maggie is leaving us and moving onto a new life in Aberdeenshire.  Maggie is my longest serving member of staff at the information desk and will have been there nearly 9 years.  She will be a huge miss to all and we wish Maggie, Robson, Andrew and Theresa every success in their new life away from Orkney.

No post would be complete without an aircraft pic so here is G-CELV, Saab 2000 on a visit today.  It was a pleasure to meet the crew who had an hour or so to enjoy the delights of Kirkwall Airport.





As always, thanks for taking the time to visit.

All the best

Neil 😉


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