A busy week and the weather is great

Just a short note to end the week.  It has been one of the mildest weeks in months but there has hardly been a day without some sort of delay for one thing or another.  I thought I would try and get myself into a routine of posting pics as and when things arrived but have failed miserably.

We have had a lot of helicopter activity recently and since it was a nice day for a change, I thought I would snap G-REDO as it was passing through.



Yesterday, we were visited by Danish Air Transport with a crew change.  Being the enthusiasts (should that be anoraks) that we are, Liz Harcus (Congratulations, as she has been promoted to Security Manager) and I were invited to have a look around the ATR.

A very different animal to the Saab’s we are used to.  First of all, I could stand upright without difficulty, it seats 42 and is much more spacious.  The pilot’s say it is a lovely plane to fly and to fly in.  Could this be a worthy successor to the Saab’s when they are replaced in the future.

Anyway here are the pics


Bet you have been waiting for this – and the inside, you will immediately notice the different seating arrangement!




Many thanks to to Captain, Nicolai Jensen, First Officer, Anders Munch and hostie, Charlotte Nielsen

That’s all for now, thanks for taking the time to visit and don’t forget we are now on Twitter @KOIairport

All the best

Neil 😉


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