Sorry about the dirt on my sensor

It’s frightening how time passes and I never seem to have the time to update this blog.  I have put a few photos on Facebook but have so many to catch up on.

I will start with a few interesting aircraft in September first of all with a Cirrus 22 which passed through.


And a Netjets Citation


It’s a while since I posted one of these so here is the familiar Saab 340


And finally a King Air 350 operated by Gama


In October we had a few different aircraft in starting with this pretty Mooney 201 SE


And the inside 🙂


This is a Diamond Twinstar based at Wick


And another one


We also had a visit from Cartier, piloted by Senior Captain Morgan Beret and Senior First Officer Marco Pierotti.


My family and I had a lovely evening with them, and Morgan, on the left, went home with the recipe for Orkney Fudge cheesecake which I am sure will be a new delicacy in Paris soon.


Ixus Air stopped off with their Falcon 50


And the inside


We also had this Twin Otter in for a few days as the weather stopped them flying home due to poor conditions over the Atlantic.


We also had poor conditions here so the aircraft was tied down with the biggest weights available until the wind passed.


The first of 2 Pilatus PC12’s dropped passed


And the second, a slightly updated model


And finally a CL60, and by this time the dirt on the sensor was really getting to me 😦


Then today arrived with a few visitors including the NLB helicopter and a short visit by our friends from the SFPA.  The Aircraft stars of the show were ZE700, a BAE 146 from the Royal flight on its way to the Faroes and a stunning Dakota on  its way to Iceland and on to Canada tomorrow.

IMGP2312 IMGP2313 IMGP2314 IMGP2315 IMGP2316 IMGP2317 IMGP2318 IMGP2319 IMGP2320 IMGP2361 IMGP2362 IMGP2363

And a first for me.  Words cannot describe how beautiful this aircraft is/was.  Apparently it started off life in 1943 as a normal DC3 and was upgraded to turbines in 1990.  The crew were first class and allowed us access to their aircraft and I thank them sincerely for taking the time to stop off.  No words now, just photos.

IMGP2321 IMGP2322 IMGP2323 IMGP2324 IMGP2325 IMGP2326 IMGP2327 IMGP2328 IMGP2329 IMGP2330 IMGP2331 IMGP2332 IMGP2333 IMGP2334 IMGP2335 IMGP2336 IMGP2337 IMGP2338 IMGP2339 IMGP2340 IMGP2341 IMGP2342 IMGP2343 IMGP2352 IMGP2353 IMGP2354 IMGP2355 IMGP2358 IMGP2359 IMGP2360 IMGP2364 IMGP2365 IMGP2366 IMGP2367 IMGP2368 IMGP2369 IMGP2370 IMGP2371 IMGP2372 IMGP2373

And the inside

IMGP2344 IMGP2345 IMGP2346 IMGP2347 IMGP2348 IMGP2349

And finally a rare occurrence, here we have Blue Watch on parade 🙂  Gives you an idea of just how big this plane really is.


Thats it for now, hope you like the photos and sorry about the annoying blob 😦

Thanks for taking the time to read and all the best

Neil 😉