Snake 54 and Jedward

It has been a very busy week this week with one thing or another. We have had a number of visitors this week some flying and some not.  The first picture I just liked, won’t win any competitions but the moon was spectacular during the day this week and I took this shot.

It’s a lot better in full res but gives you an idea.  We had a couple of military visitors pass through, firstly a Tornado which sadly I don’t have the tail number of.



We had an unusual aircraft for low approaches a number of times.  From the distance it looks just like a KIng Air 350 but once up close you can see it has just about as many sensors as a Nimrod.  This Aircraft is a Beechcraft Shadow R1 callsign Snake 54.  It is operated by No. 14 Squadron as part of the ISTAR contingent located at RAF Waddington.


Finally and genuinely by chance I ended up at the airport last night.  It turned out that I arrived almost the same time as Jedward so my girls came into the terminal and had the chance to meet them and get their autograph.

I have to say these boys were pleasant and polite and made time for everyone so thank you very much John and Edward, you made their day.




Finally a picture of an infrquent visitor to Kirkwall.  PH-CIJ stopped off for a few days piloted by Olivier and Alex. Always a pleasure to see them and looking forward to seeing Marco on the next visit.


That’s it for now and as always thanks for taking the time to read.

All the best

Neil 😉