And you thought P38 was a body filler made by Isopon

More of that in a second.  The poor weather on friday made us busier than normal.  Over and above the usual extras we had a Texas based Citation N514DS flying from Friedrichshafen to Montreal.

We also had an S92, G-CGYW amongst the usual Super Pumas

And all too soon my shift was finished.  Today turned out to be much better than expected.  I caught up with an old colleague, Alan Mossman, who was part of Highland Airways and now flies on a freelance basis, this time in G-HEBI.

And then we come back to P38, in this case the Red Bull P38 Lockheed Lightning which passed overhead en-route Wick.  Thanks again to Peter Henderson at ATC who gave us 5 minutes warning.  Pretty soon all noses were looking to the north waiting on its arrival.

Sadly I got it badly wrong as the resolution settings on my camera were all wrong and I only managed to catch the aircraft in 2 megapixels.  Gutted 😦

Anyway on approach there is no mistaking this aircraft

And a lucky shot, even if not in Hi-Res

What a stunning aircraft.  My understanding is it was on its way to Duxford as part of the Flying Legends but here is a link to the Flying Bulls which will give you all the information you need to know.

If you are using google chrome, use the translate into english function otherwise there is more information here

As always, thanks for taking the time to read

All the best

Neil 😉



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