Definitely livening up

Been a lot more interesting since my last post.  Yesterday I was told a Junkers 52 tri-motor flew over the airport.  Of course, I missed it but have been asked that many questions about it, I had to do a bit of research.

The aircraft in question is HB-HOT which was on its way across the atlantic.  I didn’t get a picture although there are many on the net.  Here is the website that tells you all about it.

Anyway, back to Grimsetter.  We have had a number of RAF visitors over the last couple of weeks starting with these Tucanos which were in on the 13th June.  ZF289 and ZF379.



The next day Peter Henderson from the tower phoned and said there was a fly past from a Herc expected at 1308 that day.  As always camera to the ready and sure enough at 1308 the Herc appeared in the distance and proceeded to do an outstanding low pass.  Luckily enough the light was excellent and I got a couple of decent pictures.  The aircraft had minimal markings and I could not make out the tail number.





My photograph at full resolution is clear as a bell so I can only assume someone does not want the tail number easily seen.

Shortly after, I heard a racket outside and looked through the window to see this R44, G-CMCC, had just arrived.  This aircraft is on a charity flight called the three capes challenge.



And the inside


And the last visitors for this post, 3 Tucanos in from Leuchars who, like the previous 2 are on exercise at Leuchars.  Here are ZF140, ZF448 and ZF289 for the second time in this post.




And a group photo


That’s it for just now and, as always, thanks for taking the time to visit.

All the best

Neil 😉


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