Busy march

As always, things start to get busier in march.  As well as a couple of new aircraft arriving, we have also had the first of our school visits.

St Andrews nursery has visited us over the last two thursdays.  We hope you enjoyed your visit.

Many thanks to the children for being so well behaved and thank you to the Airport Fire section, Loganair and AMSL for your assistance.

Thank you also to the children for the lovely cards and the goodies which I promised I shared with everyone else.

At the beginning of this week a group of young Orkney dancers jetted off to London for their annual workshop.  The group was led by Jo Davis who most will know owns the Just Dance studio at Hatston.

Find out more about Just Dance at http://www.justdanceorkney.co.uk

And now for something completely different.  We had a short visit from an aircraft en-route from Iceland to Jersey in the shape of an Eclipse Aero EA50.  Reputedly the most economical jet on the market.  I had never seen one before but was surprised at just how small it was.

And finally a visit from A Bristows S92, G-CGUX

That’s it for now.  As always thanks for taking the time to read

Till next time

Neil 😉


3 thoughts on “Busy march

  1. Always, liking reading your “blog” and seeing the visiting aircraft.

    Thank you for taking taking the time – should, have left a comment sometime ago for all your efforts.

    • Hi Robin

      Thanks for taking the time to respond, I am glad you like reading the blog. Will hopefullt get some interesting stuff in the summer. Also I am working on some older pics to post so please keep watching.
      All the best


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