Is it really March already

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in a couple of months.  It seems to have been so busy yet I seem to have very few photos to share.

The first thing you will notice when you visit the airport is that the Islanders are no longer in Highland Park Livery but they are now on facebook, just search for peedie black plane.





We have had a mixed bag of delays over the winter and at one point we had 5 Saabs on the apron at one point which is unusual.


WE did have a visitor from Tayside Aviation in the fairer weather in the shape of this pretty little Grob.



And the 200th S92 ever built


This winter has seen some unusual weather with spectacular shows of the Aurora Borealis and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Here is the sunrise from a couple of weeks ago.  Glad I always have my camera.


The Aurora is a bit harder to capture but I was in the right place at the right time, very hard to take and this was my first attempt.


This was taken using a tripod but it was so windy that it is still shaky.  Hopefully I will be more prepared next time.  Hunt for Orkney Sky on facebook to see some stunners.

WE had a vist from the P2’s from St Andrews primary school a couple of weeks ago.  Children certainly liven the place up and we had one of the busiest Q&A sessions we have ever had.



Thanks to all staff for their help.

We had a visit on thursday from G-LGNO.  The first Loganair/Flybe Saab 2000 to visit which will be taking over some of the schedules from the smaller Saab 340.  It is certainly much bigger with a capacity of 50 passengers.  I am looking forward to eventually getting a flight in one of these.  


And the inside


That’s it for now, hopefully much more to come.  As always thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate it

All the best

Neil 😉

2 thoughts on “Is it really March already

  1. Great pic of the Aurora, Neil. Is it from Wideford Hill? I like the Saab 2000 cockpit, too – very high tech!
    Philip kelman

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