Has Facebook superceded the blog

I thought so until I bumped into Lawrie Mitchell at the airport today and then I discovered that he does not have facebook but was keen to see any updates to the blog.  Dreadful that I have not posted here since march.

Any posts I have made have been on my Orkney Aviation page on facebook so Lawrie this is specially for you.

Not much unusual activity over the last while and I have been collating old pictures, however, a few unusual ones last week starting with Tornado 063 which did a fly past.


And a better shot


At the tail end of the week we had a visit from a group of light aircraft starting with this PA28R.  Apologies for the shots as they were shot at long distance.


Followed by a first for me, an Akrotech 10B


Next was a Beagle


And an AA5-B commonly called a Tiger


And finally just as I was finishing on friday, the star of the week arrived from Stockholm.  I wish I had more time to photograph this CL60 but was happy with the ones I took.



Not done this for a while but will try and keep both up.  For those that have Facebook, Type Orkney Aviation in the search bar and you will find me.  Feel free to upload your pics.

As always, thanks for reading

All the best

Neil 😉


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