All hail the GANG

Who are the GANG, I hear you ask.  They are a great bunch of photographers in the General Aviation Nutters Group which I follow on Facebook.

As some of you know, the Orkney Aviation Festival kicks off next Thursday and we are are due to get a visit from Britten Norman with their Golden Islander and a Defender.

A quick search on google finds nothing so I went to the GANG and I got sent some fantastic pictures which they have given me permission to use.  WE are expecting the golden islander but not sure if the Defender pictured is the one that is coming.

Starting off with Alan Lapworth

islander1 islander2 islander3 islander4

These were taken at RIAT 2016.  The next 2 are from Chris Clarkson

islander5 islander6

The next 4 from Paul Mcivor

islander7 islander8 islander9 islander11


Do you recognise the one under the tarpaulin.  Next time you are watching the latest Bond movie, check the registration on the fuselage.

The final picture is from Mark Jones, not either of the aircraft coming to Kirkwall but worthy of sharing.  Thank you very much gentlemen, I am indebted to you and appreciate your assistance.

Thank you for reading, hopefully see you next Saturday when, all things working out, the Islanders will be available for public viewing thanks to Dave Berston, Kirkwall Airport Manager.

All the best



2 thoughts on “All hail the GANG

  1. Saw your original post in GANG and had to smile at how quickly people responded. Hope everything goes well for your festival.

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