Orkney Aviation Festival and the Golden Islander

Well that’s it for another year and another success.  I have enjoyed attending the events I could and, as always, went away with more information than I arrived with.

Ian Brown’s presentation was of particular interest as it centred on the balloon base in Orkney where I now live.  Not much of it is left but the history lives on.

Full marks to Moya McDonald for bring up the Golden Islander with its owners Maurice and William Hynett who also own Britten Norman who as you will know make the Islander aircraft that flies our inter island service.

A big thank you goes to Davie Miller, senior pilot with Loganair who gave up the Islanders usual spot for the event and to Colin McAllister who brought up both Loganair Islanders on the day and parked it allowing an excellent photo opportunity for the visitors.

Liz Harcus and I took out guests to the aircraft solid between 1100 and 1300 and although we didn’t keep count, it made the day worthwhile.  Maurice and William were a great help and a source of information to the staff and public alike and  we are very grateful for your visit.

Not forgetting Davie Berston, Airport Manager for allowing access to the aircraft and everyone else who assisted.

Anyway, here are most of the photographs I took over the couple of days, hope you like them and if you have any you would like to share, please post them on the Orkney Aviation page.

If you like any of the photos, please feel free to use in any way you wish but please credit spottersblog.uk.

All the best and thanks for reading

Neil 🙂



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