Girl power at KOI

Well the cold snap has arrived at Kirkwall and if you believe some of the weather reports we are in for a hard time in Orkney.  Time will tell.  It’s a while since I updated the blog and although it has been very busy, I have very little to show for it.

We have had many spectacular sunsets but at the airport we get spectacular sunrises! The first bit of news is related to the post title.  We have a new pilot at Kirkwall on the inter island service, namely Rebecca Simpson who is/was a Saab pilot and has been training over the last 7 weeks,

Rather than me attempting to write the story, here is a link to the Herald giving all the details.  As well as making history for being the first female Captain flying Islanders on the inter-island service, Rebecca is also the first female Loganair pilot to fly the worlds shortest scheduled service between Westray and Papa Westray.

I was kindly given photos by Rebecca taken by and copyright owned by her brother, Jamie Simpson.  My photographs can be used with permission, however, these photos cannot be used without the express permission of Jamie or Rebecca.

Rebecca 003 -JS Rebecca 005 -JS Rebecca 008 -JS

We also had an unusual visitor prior to Children in need day.  Pudsey visited us at the airport and flew on a number of days last week to the north isles visiting different schools,  Here he is with Loganair Supervisor, Michael Bain and Radio Orkney’s Robbie Fraser.


This morning ended up with a pleasant surprise.  A norwegian crew changeover meant we had both Bergen Air Transport’s King Airs on the apron and in the terminal were Garth, Haavard, Magnus and Trine.

With a little help from Garth, I managed to identify a couple of strange aircraft in photos which I need to scan, so many thanks for your help Garth.

The sun came out just for these pictures;

IMGP0447 IMGP0449

I look forward to seeing you again on wednesday, weather permitting.

As much as I enjoy keeping this blog, it has limitations, in that, it is not easy for others to share their images.  Bearing that in mind I have taken to facebook to allow others to share their images connected with aviation in Orkney.  Find it at or type orkney aviation into the search bar.  Please feel free to like or join in.

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Return of the Vikings

Well, what can I say.  Happy Hallowe’en, Happy Guy Fawkes, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Up Helly A, Happy Chinese New Year, Happy birthday Rabbie Burns.  these are some of the things that have gone on since I last posted.

We haven’t had a lot of snow at Kirkwall but we have had a lot of high winds and seriously dreich weather.  Nothing too unusula has happend at KOI since I last typed but we are rinning a pilot at the moment on Twitter to see how it works.  Find us at @KOIairport.

Just a few photos this time to let you know we are still here starting with this picture of a Zenair CH701 UL owned by a local pilot, Tommy Sinclair.


It was sitting in a field next to the airport as I was rushing to take the kids to the airport party in December.  Always time to take a photo though :).




On the 19th of December we had a flypast from a 2 seater Typhoon, sorry it was too dark to get the tail number



We had a lot of helicopter traffic over christmas and the new year, most of which I have pictures of except this new S92 G-XCII






Then an unusual sight just after New Year.  Bristoews, Bond and CHC all in the same place at the same time.



One of the perks of this job is getting to meet some very nice people who are passing through the terminal and this gentleman was no exception.  Sir Ben Kingsley was in Orkney doing research for a program he intends to do in the next couple of years and while he was at the terminal, he made time for everyone that approached him.  Genuinely friendly and interested.  Many thanks Sir Ben.



Yes, I know, we both have the same hairdresser as I have been told many times 🙂

Short ago we had an ILS approach by G-BVRJ, a 146 or should that be an RJ operated by Qinetiq



And finally the Vikings.  Today had a distinct viking flavour with LN-BAA operated by Bergen Air Transport arriving from Haugesund and OY-JRJ, an ATR42 operated by Danish Air Transport.



What a fantastic colour scheme!.  That’s it for now.  More as it happens and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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